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making changes to the colour swatches.

Discussion in 'Flexi' started by gabagoo, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. gabagoo

    gabagoo Major Contributor

    Oct 10, 2006
    Vaughan, Ontario
    To many times I get that message when shutting down that the colour swatches have been changed and do I want to save it. I always click no but then there are the times that the software automatically shuts down from a windows error or the times I am in a rush and just keep clicking things shut to get on with it. I now notice that in some cases the colour I want is no longer in the table or that lets say a green colour is now labelled something else like black. If I delete these ones on screen and reopen them from the colour tables will they reset to the original colour schemes? I pretty sure I tried and keep getting the same errors . Now if I am stuck with the colour charts and the changes that have accidently been made to them does that mean that a file that was save dusing lets say the green will now open and print whatever the change to that colour has been made? I need to reset these as I am now worried that the longer I go, I may really screw things up for the future. I hope I have made myself clear on this as it's something I never really thought about or really understand.

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