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Metrostyling Avery Metro series Matte wrap vinyls

Discussion in 'Vehicle Wraps' started by Xcesiv, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Xcesiv

    Xcesiv Member

    May 24, 2011
    I am doing a quote for a client that is wanting a wrap in a Matte colour (red)

    In Australia we don't have a many standard matte colours available.

    Avery will be bringing out some just before Christmas, but from what i have been told the colour is too dark for my client.

    Hexis range wont be available until January and 3M have just said at this time we don't have access to the matte range.

    I told my client that we may have to laminate a standard gloss vinyl to make the matte colour he wants.

    The client started his own research and for that Metrorestyling have a "Metro Series" Avery supreme wrap film. He got his own colour sample and likes the colour and asked if he was to purchase this would i still wrap the car for him?

    Link to the vinyl

    I have never purchased from overseas before, as i am cautious of so called "genuine vinyls" that are clearly not what they say they are.

    Has anyone dealt with Metro Restyling or even this particular vinyl product they sell?


  2. COOKY

    COOKY Member

    Apr 19, 2010
    Hey mate.

    I have ordered from Metro twice and both times they took my money and didnt even process the order for 6 weeks. Getting responses from constant emails was very slow. Took two months from order to receiving vinyl in Melbourne. I would recommend Auto Vinyl Solutions.
  3. Haakon

    Haakon Member

    Sep 23, 2010
    I have ordered from Metro Restyling a couple of times on their ebay store. Mostly samples and smaller runs of vinyl that have been unavailable over here in Norway. They have shipped within a day or two every time, maybe they are more attentive to this via ebay? I don't know. All good experiences for me.

    Auto Vinyl Solutions I can recommends as well. Just ordered a square meter of Avery Conform Chrome vinyl a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, they are all genuine products, not fakes, you'll be safe ordering from these companies.

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