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Need Help Mimaki CG-FX head adjust

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by Leebee, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Leebee

    Leebee New Member

    Dec 27, 2013
    Sunny Central Florida
    I have been working with a Mimaki CG-FX 130 for a couple of years that likes to scratch thicker or laminated substrates.
    Blade depth is good, pressure adjusted and the carriage bearings are tight.

    I was in a sign shop (I manage a printing co) the other week and they have the same plotter albeit the 160cm model.
    Today I went to compare and their carriage is 1.5 times higher off of the substrate than mine is.
    With the carriage cover off there is no difference and no adjusting screws or elongated holes could be found.
    What was discovered was elongated screw holes on the rail running the length of the plotter that the head rides along.

    Am I to assume that the rail should be raised and somehow paralleled to the substrate? What of the pulleys belt and motor.

    Any advice or experience is appreciated.
  2. gplough

    gplough Member

    Jul 18, 2014
    Kansas City
    I'm having the same problem so if you get this figured out I would love to know.

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