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mimaki jv5 160s help wanted

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by appletec, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. appletec

    appletec New Member

    Mar 29, 2013
    mimaki jv5 160s.
    i bought this machine in may 2013 with head problems which i have refurbished. for some reason i cant seem to get an air lock out of the system in head (1).
    i have tried manually priming the system through the pumps but every time i try this its seems to suck ink from the other heads. the jv5 has 4 independent pumps which are very confusing.
    head 1 and 2 share pump 1
    head 3 and 4 share pump 2
    pump 3 also shared with head 1 and 2
    pump 4 also shared with head 3 and 4.
    it get confusing head 1 has a capping station with 2 outlet tubes which split to 2 pumps
    and the rerst of the heads follow this system.

    i need to know how to get this air out of the system. i have checked for leaking dampers and leaks but the full system is air tight. the air in the system is on head 1 with megenta and cyan and yellow just above the dampers you can see air bubbles. the bubbles do not multiply or expand they just move up and down when machine is performing head clean.

    any help would be great
  2. Tekkie1

    Tekkie1 Tekkie of Many Things

    Apr 27, 2012
    Hi The JV5 my specialty...LOL
    Firstly do u know how to get into service mode?
    if yes..then go to function/test/ and then to cart/cart valve/ then open up the majenta valves on all 4 magenat cart.
    Get a torch and then press "function" and the capping assy will go down so u can see under the heads. Gently push in the centre of the damper with a soft object (back of a cotton bud will do) and watch to see if the ink will freely flow out of the head in little droplets. let it drip for a while. If it does not drip freely then you have the filter blocked or partially blocked inside the head, if it is blocked then you will have to remove the damper and push cleaning fluid into the head with a new syringe both pushing and sucking. You may have to do this for quite some time pausing for 5 to ten mins with cleaning fluid inside the heads. You then need to remove the pump cover and using another syringe suck on the pump tubes manually still having the cart valves open only on majenta. The pump on the right hand side must be blocked off going to the same capping station(I have used a bulldog clip to do this) After you have done some sucking with a syringe with the magenta valves open, open ALL the ink cart valves for the rest of the colours and continue to give the syringe some quick hard sucks , but not to long. From here remove bulldog clips and try doing a hard clean and then a test pattern and see what you get. You may have to do all of the above several times over and it could take a few hrs to do.
    I did one last week and it took me 4 hrs to get the cyan back and flowing corretly ..but it did work. I think in total time I must have spent about 60 hrs on Jv5s with these sorts of issus, but they always work when I leave. All of the above will work providing the heads are not totally blocked solid..
    let me know how you go


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