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Mutoh 65 Inch, tech advise / info needed

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by UnlimitedBT, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. UnlimitedBT

    UnlimitedBT Member

    Nov 28, 2013
    Hi guys. If there is someone proficient on Mutoh printers, I would like to as a few questions please...
    I've purchased few wide format printers form a leasing company.
    One was Xerox 8264E (Mutoh VJ-1614) - awesome printer, was drained of all inks, once we installed all the cartridges, prints awesome and overall as new as used printer can possibly be.
    2 other ones are Xerox 8265, back label says MUTOH SP3065X and MUTOH SPE 3065U, what is the difference?
    We had ordered and new inks and powered one up, it came to ready but test print printed nothing - not a single line or dot, nothing at all.
    I understand that it is a wide open question as I do not know how long was it stored, I don't know if it was it drained but electronic wise it seems to work...
    The question is - where do I start? should I look forward to blindly replace printheads? Just a prinheads or Printheads+inktubes?
    Is there a procedure to test?
    Anyone has a service/parts manual? - Can I purchase it form you?
    I greatly appreciate any response.
    Thank you.
  2. I would check the head fuse 1st. If blown it would prevent any ink from jetting because no electrical signal being received. If fuse is ok, then try drawing ink from captop, if you can draw, then likely head is dead.

    As for the model numbers you have, I have been a Mutoh dealer since 05 and have no access to manuals for the Xerox models. They may have been provided only to the Euro or Asia markets.

    My .02

  3. wunder

    wunder Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    MUTOH SP3065X and MUTOH SPE 3065U, what is the difference? <---i think the different can be eXtreme Version and non eXtreme....

    eXtreme = have a backside Smartcardreader installed
    non eXtreme = no Smartcardreader installed

    check the backside if theres slot with a white sticka aso......


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