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My thanks to Roland

Discussion in 'Roland' started by JoshLoring, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. JoshLoring

    JoshLoring Very Active Member

    Our second machine- the XC-540 has been running for 6 years straight. Generally 6-7 days a week and unmanned via takeup roll.

    I see so many people having issues with other printers and it makes me glad to have bought such a workhorse. In 6 years it has close to 1 million sf on it, and we've only replaced heads and a belt. Looks brand new and is manually cleaned 2-3x per week. Zero banding and always crisp solid colors and lines.

    Take care of your machines, understand them- and they can run forever! Lol
  2. WildWestDesigns

    WildWestDesigns Major Contributor

    Sep 27, 2010
    Mid TN

    That is so true no matter what machines you are talking about. As I type this I'm having the fun time of doing upkeep on a couple of embroidery heads.
  3. Gino

    Gino Premium Subscriber

    Jun 7, 2006
    This is so true. It's not just about machinery, but anything. People take baths at least once a day, wash their hands when they're dirty or wipe after...............

    We're just one huge fleshy machine, while our work machines need the same attention. If someone could invent a machine, that could clean up after itself.... like a kitty-litter box...... we'd probably turn it down, cause we'd say, we don't need that extra touch, but we'd not do the up-keep anyway.

    Those doing the weekly and daily maintenance are surely gonna get more out of their machines than those who put it off for whatever reasons.
  4. CS-SignSupply

    CS-SignSupply Very Active Member

    I am going to print this thread and provide it with every printer we sell ! Maybe then they will believe what I tell them.
  5. Mike_Koval

    Mike_Koval Active Member

    Mar 20, 2008
    Uniontown, PA

    if you take care of them, they will take care of you!
  6. Jack Knight1979

    Jack Knight1979 Very Active Member

    Jan 23, 2008
    I love my two Rolands as well, but my 745 is a touch problematic at times. It's a money maker for sure! I've had my 745 running nearly everyday since 2006 and it still runs like new. I'm about to put in my second scan motor. That's how much this thing runs.

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