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Need opinions on which decal cutter/plotter to buy

Discussion in 'Roland' started by treaz, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. treaz

    treaz New Member

    Oct 22, 2007
    Hi Everyone! I already have a Roland PNC-910 for straight vinyl cutting. I've been thinking about getting a machine to do color printing & cutting on decal paper. I have been researching all the brands but you know how sales' pitches are ~ everything is simple & perfect. I need everyone's personal opinions on this subject ~ your own experiences, frustrations, etc. Also if anyone has a good deal on a system, let me know. Once again, thanks!!!!
  2. slimlin

    slimlin Member

    Oct 29, 2007
    Hi there

    Just wanted to tell you about my experiences, I had a Roland CJ-500 converted to ECO-SOL MAX inks in the past, sold it, felt bad that i did, and just bought another one here on 101 for only 1500$, and i am currently waiting for it to being transported to me. Talked with the seller, and i am VERY sure that i have done a VERY GOOD bargain on this one. Very nice seller.

    WHY a CJ-500 you ask??????

    Its an old MotherF.....

    Yes, it is, but its VERY cheap, you can find a lot of these machines for 4000$ or less, any price above is overpricing and all other words you can attach, or the seller hopes to find the right idiot.

    It prints very SLOW compared to other and newer models

    Yes, it does, But it prints at the same or almost the same resolution, as the newer or newest Rolands on the market today, So if you print volume isnt that high, and you can live with slower printspeeds, and still get perfect photorealistic results, this is the machine for you.


    Still available, upgradekits to eco-sol max can be bought on EBAY for around 600 $ and then you have an ECO-SOLVENT machine that can do the same trick as a newer machine, but for a fraction of the cost.


    Sturdy workhorse built like a tank to last, all metal body, and you dont need to keep an eye on it as it autocleans itself.

    Print and cut

    Yes, an it cuts fast in my eyes, and the print is excellent.

    Why should i buy a more expensive printer then???

    If you need a faster printer, because of print or customer volumes.

    If you want a printer with slightly improved and better handling software.

    If you want to buy a printer that is still officialy supported from Roland tech service, and you cant live without that it HAS to be Roland itself servicing your printer.

    If you want to have the newest and best from the beginning.

    So if you ask me, this is the best place to start, if you want a good machine for the beginner, that wont cost you an arm and a leg. I am sure other people have other arguments, but nobody can argue against the price and quality on this one. Dont think about buying an older machine, because they have too poor performance and specs.

    Hope this is usefull, and have a great day
  3. treaz

    treaz New Member

    Oct 22, 2007

    Hey Slimlin,

    Thanks so much for your input. I just may try to get a bargain like you did.

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