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Need to Print 2 Layers of white then layer of color on clear vinyl

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by cfm56, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. cfm56

    cfm56 New Member

    Jun 7, 2013
    Hello All,

    I am having quite a Dilemma using our CJV30-130 and rasterlink 5. I am trying to figure out how to print two layers of white , then a layer of color on clear vinyl.

    We make football helmet logos. Some of these logos need to be on clear, such as the Kansas State logo that needs to have the football helmet shine throgh various parts of the logo.

    I can get Rasterlink to print 1 underlayer of white with clear on top, but cannot figure out how to get 2 underlayers of white with a color on top. In the case of the single white layer, the opaque helmet is still coming through the white layer and changing the printed color tone when applied to the helmet, thus the color is off. Or the Single layer of white (white+color) isn't dense or opaque enough to stop the helmet color from bleeding through.

    I tried printing registration marks, then printing just white. Then reloading the page to hopefully, print another pass of white+color on top of the first print. This just doesn't work. Seem that the registration marks only are used to orient the plotter.

    Can any of you experts and veterans recommend a way to do this? I need 3 layers somehow on clear vinyl (White+White+Color) and just can't figure out how to do this....

    We have our screen printer do this (white+white+ color) and graphics turn out beautiful.

    I'm getting a bit desperate, and I would be indebted for any advice or suggestions.
  2. MixMaker

    MixMaker Member

    Sep 13, 2010
    What is your ink set? If you have two white cartridges the RIP will see them as 1 white and 1 special color. When in "print condition" select the special colorset as "WS", that'll mean white and special. Then go to the "Color Edit" tab and change the Special Color Comp to: Special - Color, check the "Auto Special Color Comp" and valid pixel. Depending on how your file is, this will print White and Special Color everywhere there is a valid pixel.

    If your file was created differently you may have to create a new file that is 100% black and grayscale where you need your white, layer them in Rasterlink Image Edit Tab....then select the "WS" in Print Condition, go to Color Edit tab, and change the Mono color output to White/White. That'll print white and special color anywhere you have 100% black.

    Wow, I hope that helps you....it's a bit difficult to explain, but it can only be done if you have two white cartridges. It'll take both sets of white nozzles to get you the coverage you need.

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