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Need your opinion - Customer Refused to pay

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by premiercolour, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. premiercolour

    premiercolour Sales and services from S. California


    Need some helps/thoughts here.

    As many of you know that we sell NEW OEM printhead.

    This customer who repairs printers(mutoh/roland/mimaki/hp9000/seiko64s mainly). Indeed they grew from one person to several people operation(3-5). I met this guy in person at the SGIA show and also here in Southern California when he was here. He's a nice guy I'd say, least that's what I thought before this incident.

    Long story short, our store policy on printheads is final sale. A year ago, one dx4 printhead he claimed was defective. I said that i would work with him(we sell like 30 heads a month, he buys probably two a month). I refunded 50% of the purchase price- remember no return policy here but I am willing to work at all circumstances. I asked him to return the printhead, never returned it. I let go. Then about six months ago, he purchased another hp9000 print head for low price, i think he resells them for about $400 more, turned around and said it is defective. I said let's work on this. I will recall the printhead back, send it to Konica Japan and have it inspected BUT you still have to pay the invoice upon the term arrives. He refused to pay. He agreed the no-refund policy in the beginning now his defense was " i pay only for the working product". He was off the roof and etec.There could be other reasons like he did not install it right, power was not shut down properly - but i believe he's good and maybe it was the customer's ink. The report came in and it was the bad "INK" from the company who manufactures their printhead from Japan.

    Anyways, I emailed them a week ago said that i was reimbursed by Konica(which i did not, I just wanted their business back). They actually called me to order couple of dx4 solvent heads two weeks after maybe his current suppliers are out of printheads. I agreed to ship on the phone but right before the shipment, I backed out my words and told them every product you buy from us will be prepay. He said that their company have been growing and we are "missing out". I told him couple national wide known companies who started buying seiko 510/Spectra 256 heads and we're growing also. Of course he recognized that couple companies. I told him that good people are always blessed.

    I called this guy today and left a voice mail: hey XXX, although we cannot do business, as friend, i want to send you Christmas card etec. No return calls, no emails.

    One thing I learned from Signs101 - THANK YOU FOR THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED YOUR CRAZY THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES. You have to let customers go sometimes. I try to be as much helpful as possible but one customer that i feel sorry for. He is on Signs101 but in that case, I tried my best to recall the ink; but under agreement and other circumentstances, I wasn't able. Every customer I treated with respect and honest.

    My question to you is "What would you do when you sold your banner to this return-customer and he returned few days later to your shop said there is this imperfection that wasn't there when he looked at the banner but now it is here I am not paying for it!

    Welcome any honest thoughts. Cannot get over it! Am I doing something wrong? Am i missing something here?


  2. Locals Find!

    Locals Find! Very Active Member

    Oct 17, 2010
    Fort Myers
    If the product was defective on my end we repair, replace, refund. In that order. If they ordered something wrong, and they are a good client I sometimes will throw them a small discount bone. Just to ease their burden. That we do on a case by case basis.

    Now if they screwed it up themselves. Like what appears to have happened in your first scenario. Well, that is their issue no one else's.