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Networking Help

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by PMG, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. PMG

    PMG Very Active Member

    Feb 1, 2005
    I hooked up a Linksys router and im trying to figure out how to share folders,,i have the folders set to share on each Pc,,, but cant seem to find the shared folder for each Pc on the network, i can ping the router from each pc but when i try to ping pc to pc it times out i now the routers working because i can get on line with each Pc. anyone got any clues. i have 2xp pcs and one Vista laptop,,i only need 1 xp pc to the vista laptop,the Xp is hard wired and the vista is wireless.........im about to :frustrated:LOL Thanks for any info guys and gals.
  2. chopper

    chopper Very Active Member

    Mar 18, 2006
    Big Lake MN
    you will need to set the computers up to share, I think it is under network connections it will walk you through it, I haven't done this but I know you will need to set up names or address so each computer can find the other, and I believe you will need to do it on each computer to allow file sharing,
    if you don't find anything under networking look up file sharing,
    good luck//chopper
  3. rcook99

    rcook99 Very Active Member

    May 25, 2006
    I am not sure as it has been awhile since I did it but you will have to run throught the set up a home network and when you do you will have to set up a peer to peer network which basically makes one station act as a server but you will be able to access the folders on all of your computers as long as they are set up to be shared.

    I also just found this on MS site.

    Computers running Windows Vista already have Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking installed. For computers running Windows XP with SP2, do the following to install Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking:

    Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs.

    Click Add/Remove Windows Components.

    In Components, click Networking Services (but do not select its check box), and then click Details.

    Select the Peer-to-Peer check box, and then click OK.

    Click Next, and then follow the instructions in the wizard.

    Hope it helps you.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2008
  4. SignBurst PCs

    SignBurst PCs Very Active Member

    If you can ping the router from each PC but can't ping from PC to PC, the you probably have a software firewall on each PC. You will have to configure the firewall to allow for file sharing too.

    If you are just using the default Windows firewall, it should setup the firewalls rules for you when you create the shared folder and no additional settings should have to be made. If you are using a third-party firewall, then you may have to "allow" file sharing via the firewall configuration utility.

    To test your settings using the run command, type (in the "run" box in XP, in the "Start Search" box in Vista):

    \\ip address (\\, for example)

    from any other computer to view a computers shared folders.

    If you successfully browse to the shared folders in this manner, then you can create mapped drives using the same syntax (\\ip address\share).

    If you wanna get a little more specific, you can use:

    \\IP address\sharename (sharename is the name that you used when sharing the folder)

    This is just basic networking. If you need more assistance, PM me and I may be able to help a little more.

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