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New Anajet mPower 5 repost

Discussion in 'Printwear' started by DigitalSolutions, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. DigitalSolutions

    DigitalSolutions Member

    May 23, 2011
    (Repost from premium, no response)

    Hey All,

    We just pulled the trigger on a new Anajet mPower 5. This will be our opener to the garment world. pretty excited to get it here and get it cranking.

    We have vary little local competition in our remote area. There is one other shop with a screen printer and embroider machine. I believe i will be able to fill a niche market and produce some great short run (<200+) products.

    I also purchased different platens for hats, sleeves, pockets, and an extended media kit, as well as the foil kit.

    My question is, after searching and checking out the different suppliers for garments. For the PNW market area who does S101 use as a supplier?

    Also interested to know if there are any good artwork bundles specifically geared to apparel printers. Im thinking something like what you might see in a tattoo shop, flip through poster size pre laid out designs for custom 1 offs.



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