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News New Paid Subscription Options Available + Gifting Memberships

Discussion in 'Signs101 Website News' started by Signs101Admin, Nov 25, 2016.

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  1. Signs101Admin

    Signs101Admin Owner

    Sep 30, 2016
    New Jersey

    Due to popular demand, you will now find a Paid Membership tab in the main navigation menu & Account Upgrades option in each of your User CP's. Clicking it brings up two subscription types:
    Each paid membership has an explanation by it. For most Registered Members, the appropriate choice is Premium Subscription. A Premium Subscription is offered for different time periods at different rates and does not automatically renew. A expiration notice will come out to you by email as the expiration approaches.

    Please note that a Premium Subscription is purely a optional choice. Premium and Merchant Subscribers receive extra benefits including:

    • Access to our 33 Premium Forums.
    • Privacy from visitors and regular members reading your posts if posted in a premium forum.
    • Access to all archived threads. Regular members and visitors see only open forum archives and only for the last 12 months.
    • Free posting of Member to Member For Sale Classified Ads.
    • Your signature displayed in your posts.
    • A custom "Premium" badge that show in your posts and membercard.
    Merchant Membership is offered in two classes with rates based on your gross annual sales.

    Benefits to Merchant Membership include:

    • All benefits included with a Premium subscription and ...
    • A custom "Merchant Members" badge that show in your posts and membercard.
    • The right to post ads and announcements in the Merchant Classified Advertisement section
    • To list your company in our Merchant Directory
    • To be listed in our Merchant List
    • To gain access to Vendor Tools which will aid you in monitoring posts of interest to you
    • To receive discounted rates on banner advertising
    • To gain access to our Merchant Member forum designed to help you maximize your results as a merchant subscriber
    • To tastefully promote yourself in any of the Open or Premium Forums. Our community is ranked among the highest traffic sign industry websites on the internet.
    In addition you will receive recognition for your support along with preferred rates for banner advertising.

    Any questions, please Start a Conversation with Signs101AdminSigns101Admin or SignsSupportSignsSupport.
    You can also send email directly to signssupport@signs101.com
  2. SignsSupport

    SignsSupport Support & Tech Administrator

    Jan 16, 2017
    All members have the option of gifting a premium or merchant memberships. You can say happy birthday or wish a merry Christmas to your favorite buddy with a 1-month Premium Membership for $10, or even better: a 6-month Premium Membership for $48. Gifting a membership is quite simple. Simply click a member's username or avatar to bring up their membercard. There's also the option in the upper right-hand area of each members' profile. Selecting the "Gift Membership" link will bring up the a list of membership options:



    Feeling charitable or want to say a special thank you to your favorite Signs101 member?
    Gift a membership. It's a nice gift for fans of the our community.

    See the description of each option at Signs101 Premium & Merchant Memberships options:


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