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NEw Roland pro1!?

Discussion in 'Roland' started by gvozden, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. gvozden

    gvozden Member

    Feb 12, 2005
    I get mail by roland . Thay have a new cutters!? Like gx with optical countur cut!?
    I can t find here ( in my country ) a new model to try. Only in septmebar....graphic fair....

    I want to buy a new cutter ....and where is a problem.....
    -graphtec 7000
    - mimaki FX 1200
    - Pro cam 1 1200

    see!? what is a smart move, please help ...I `m not right on track....
    cant deside what is a best buy!?!?!?!??!
    and did anyone here about UNIFORM ploters, like rolands but with refills!?
    like a sp versions 540.......bulk ink......!?

    i`m a bout 12 years in sign busines,....so I`m not a beginer but this is a hard for me......to decide...
    thanx !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Derf

    Derf Very Active Member

    The "Graphtec FC" line is great
  3. OldPaint

    OldPaint Major Contributor

    ROLAND....will cut right from corel draw....re-sum-ish?
    dobra notch............
  4. gvozden

    gvozden Member

    Feb 12, 2005
    OLD Paint ...you are ok man, where did you learn that:)

    I had several rolands and they are workhorses but its time to move on , somethig newer...capish...!? :)

    I need that countur cuts , I work a lot of bikes and race cars these days...

    ..and it`s ok for corel-to-cut becose a lot of design that I have are in cdr format, I only didnt see that new cuter in work...old cx wasn`t so good as thay told us, tracking wasnt his stronger side..
  5. Flame

    Flame Major Contributor

    Apr 26, 2006
    Vojvodina? Where's that? Never heard of it. Is it kinda like Atlantis...?


    :wine-smi: lol
  6. Jackpine

    Jackpine Major Contributor

    dobra notch..."good night" Croaition.
  7. OldPaint

    OldPaint Major Contributor

    the roland CX plotter is no comaprison to a roland PRO machine. i got 2 PNC-1100(OLDER ROLAND PRO MODEL)
    and they work great.
    OLD Paint ...you are ok man, where did you learn that:)
    hehehe my last name is PRIBISH.....russian.....3-4 yr old i lived next door to my buba and jid-du ......

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