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News New Usergroup Colors & Promotion Badges

Discussion in 'Signs101 Website News' started by SignsSupport, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. SignsSupport

    SignsSupport Support & Tech Administrator

    Jan 16, 2017
    Some of you no doubt have noticed that some of the usergroup colors have changed. We've implemented a functionality that allows all members to easily recognize Signs101 Staff, Premium & Merchant Members usergroups.

    Staff and upgrade memberships now make use of the usergroup markup as to distinguish between the various usergroups:
    • Administrator (bold orange)
    • Moderator (normal orange)
    • Merchant Member (bold green)
    • Premium (normal green)
    • Regular (no special styling)
    • Banned (strike-through styling)
    You'll notice some new badges have been added as well. You'll see the badges in the postbit of members' posts. They will show on membercard and other places as well:

    We've included usergroup promotions as well as usergroup additions. Right now we have the "Active" promotion (indicated by the heart/heartbeat badge), which shows in the postbit of members who meet the criteria of having made at least 30 posts in any 30-day period of time.


    The styling of the badges may be re-envisioned a bit down the road. We also may be adding additional promotion badges in the near future, ie: Advertiser, Shop Owner, etc... If you have any ideas/suggestions on what sort of badges to add, including the representative image - please feel free to post them in this thread. We'll appreciate and consider all suggestions.

    This small addition will help thwart any confusion as to who is a legit member of each usergroup. It's a work-in-progress and hopefully will be appreciated as a nice addition to the forum.

    Thanks for reading and here's hoping you're enjoying your time spent here at Signs101.


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