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No K in nozzle test yet prints + cyan disappearing on print

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by jc1cell, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. jc1cell

    jc1cell Active Member

    Jun 11, 2007
    Hello guys,

    So a thread yesterday made me look into my issues again with my printhead. For a while I have been having no black come through on the nozzle test as shown on one of the images. You can see that it only has a couple of nozzles firing.

    I normally print 720x720v and after that issue started I began printing using a workaround where very black ink is not used for the creation of black (grey component replacement). Needless to say the color results are a muddy black and not really a solution to my printhead problem.

    Yesterday I had the idea of trying a print at a higher resolution to see what my results would be so I went ahead with 1440x720variable. To my amazement my print test gave me a full black using my normal profile (no gcr applied).

    While I'm very happy that I get my blacks back, This has me baffled. If the nozzle test shows so many clogged nozzles, how can it give me such a nice looking black when said nozzles are not firing (supposedly)? I tried going back to 720x720v with a higher quality print (bi and uni) with no success. Smaller droplet? More passes? I have no idea. Ink limits below 300 on 1440x720v don't give me a good looking black but it does show a lot of black ink coming through.

    Another issue that I have posted an image for is my Cyan disappearing on lower percentages. The image will show how from the 70% mark and below the cyan is nowhere to be seen and the magenta shines through. Anywhere 70% or below is used there are issues, you can see that in the green, blue and black swatches.

    So, after all this rambling, anyone have any ideas or suggestions? In reading other posts (some old, some new) I have decided to do the following:

    1- Clean Carriage Board with alcohol.
    2- If fail, replace data cable to carriage and main board.
    3. if fail, replace ink valves.
    4. if fail replace print head, dampers, capping station and wiper.


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