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Non-Clear Coated Paint and Vinyl Compatibility?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Graphics' started by tpinc, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. tpinc

    tpinc New Member

    Sep 11, 2012
    I started using this product called Papilio (inkjet vinyl) for some projects, and I just destroyed a client's paint. It literally pulled off chunks of paint off their vehicle. The Vehicle was not clearcoated.

    Is the problem the product that I used- Papilio- or is it likely to happen with all vinyl on non-clearcoated vehicles? It is removable vinyl, and I've used it on vehicles for much longer periods of time with no issues!

    Is the issue non-clearcoated vehicles, and if so, do all vinyls have that same issue, or are there some recommended for non-clearcoated vehicles? (namely trailers)

  2. Bill Modzel

    Bill Modzel Active Member

    If you pulled off paint, a clearcoat would make no difference other than pulling off paint with a clearcoat. The adhesion problem would be the paint/primer relationship from a poor paint job.

    Having said that, I've never heard of Papilio vinyl and unless it has some very reactive adhesive that would actually attack the paint I can't see it would be an issue either.
  3. SightLine

    SightLine Very Active Member

    Agreed, doubtful it has anything to do with the vinyl. Just a crappy paintjob with substandard adhesion. On any vehicle, with non-factory applied paint (and many with well known paint issues like some Jeeps, Chevy full size vans, etc) we always let a customer know there is a chance the paint could be pulled off with the vinyl. You have to be very careful during install on these.
  4. visual800

    visual800 Very Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    montgomery, alabama
    were they going to clearcoat over your vinyl? Why did you put vinyl on car and then take off
    this wasnt your fault you just caught something early that could have been horrible later.
  5. Jackpine

    Jackpine Major Contributor

    Bill Modzel , Papilio (inkjet vinyl) is inkjet material.

    Any vinyl would have damaged the paint if the it was a bad repaint job. Just be aware and ask.
  6. tpinc

    tpinc New Member

    Sep 11, 2012
    Thank you to each of you for your experience. Good to know it was likely just a bad paint job and not an across-the board clearcoat issue.

    Jackpine hit what papilio is. I can certainly go back to using solvent printing, but this was working for some specific uses.

    Good to know that its likely just a paint issue. We do graphics for a How-am-I-Driving company and I moved to papilio for several specific applications because it allowed us to quickly make customized graphics in the field (Pre-sized for an oversized portable printer with only about 30 minute dry time necessary before overlaminating). They go on trailers from a variety of manufacturers and I've noticed many are not clearcoated. With the turnover they have in the hauling industry, sometimes the signs are on there for a matter of weeks before we have to remove them- other times its years where the only reason we remove them is to replace them with a new one. The tractor-trailers were fine, but just in the past few weeks we've started installing on flatbeds, 5th wheels, and livestock trailers and they don't seem to be painted as well- and we're talking about factory paint here!

    Are there vinyl products that do a better job for this kind of use than others, or is it really simply the paint quality? Any tell-tale signs of a poor paint job besides a lack of clearcoat and a made-in-china sticker (I'm aware not all US manufacturers are safe either- in fact this trailer was a 2013 model from a manufacturer in Arizona)? I'm certainly going to look into our client contract and disclosure process for liability concerns, but if there is anyway I can minimize the issue, that would also be a smart step on our behalf also.

    Thanks again for your excellent input. I've put vinyl on vehicles for 10 years and never had a serious issue. They've always been clear-coated OEM vehicles for permanent/semipermanent use (Security vehicles and corporate trucks for example). I've only been active in removing vinyl for the past two years, so your experience is appreciated.

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