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Not Just Corel That Has to Deal With This....

Discussion in 'Adobe' started by WildWestDesigns, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. WildWestDesigns

    WildWestDesigns Major Contributor

    Sep 27, 2010
    It looks like things aren't all that great for the release of the much anticipated Ps for iPad.

    Much like what is mirroring with DRAW on Mac and their 1st version with that as well (the issues (that I've been hearing/reading) of Corel's Windows version are issues of a different nature as far as speculated causality goes).

    If I recall correctly, I think I read somewhere that Corel was going to do an iPad version of DRAW as well. I hope that goes better for them.

    This is actually to be expected. 1st versions of anything are not going to be up to what one would hope. I think what changes the dynamics in both of this situations is that we are talking about 30+ yr old companies with quite a few devs in their employ, not just start ups or one person bands. Of course, with Adobe (at least what was referenced in the article) used the word "real" in describing this app. I would have expected more feature parity between the x86 and ARM versions then what I'm reading has happened.

    Having been on both sides of development, I can understand and sympathize with issues of releasing first versions of any software (and for all intents and purposes, Corel's release of DRAW on Mac this year is actually a 1st release).

    Just thought I would mention this article for those that are looking forward to and/or thinking about getting the iPad version of Ps (or DRAW if memory is correct and they do actually release an iPad version), it sometimes pays to let someone else be the guinea pig for awhile before giving it a try.

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