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ok I got it and it works, kinda!

Discussion in 'Graphtec' started by langecustomgraphics, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. ok, so after going throught the manual about a billion times, when I add registration marks through corel( in the little send to rocket drop down) it adds the marks then when I snd it to cut it says align head with mark in the right hand corner and then hit ok, all it does is zig zag with out cutting any thing and then gives me mark error. but besides that the cuts are so fresh and clean
  2. Ronda

    Ronda Member

    May 30, 2007
    I work out of corel with the little rocket drop down too. I have never had a need to use the registration marks in corel. Just curious as to what you are using them for?

  3. just trying to figure out why they are thereand how to get everything dialed in. I jsut figured out that you have to break aopart countours tio get them register as separate colors. will it automatically put registration marks with 2 colors?
  4. I still am having issues getting the whole registraion mark thing going. it keeps giving me the error message

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