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Need Help Discussion Question OKI (Seiko) ColorPainter M-64s printhead recovery

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Printers' started by Toni_E, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Toni_E

    Toni_E New Member

    Mar 17, 2020

    Please help me with the problem on the ColorPainter M64s printer.

    Nozzles began to disappear on the print head in Lc color. When printing the test, you can see how the nozzles were not completely printed, a drop flew to the side, more than 20 nozzles were completely absent. After printing especially gray and halftones on the test, almost all nozzles from the top of the head were not printed, so the nozzles disappeared directly during printing. Ten washes on STRONG did not help.

    Then we took a number of cleaning measures:
    1. We checked if the ink pump works on LC color by rearranging the pump from the adjacent color. It can be seen that when pumping ink, ink is pumped from the head;

    2. We tried to print a light blue image, about 3m2. After printing, many nozzles were missing on the upper half of the LC head.

    3. We checked the position of the viper relative to the head. The viper is aligned, there is no bias.

    4. We decided that the problem is in the grid inside the print head. Then we carefully disassembled the head. They removed the dumper inside the head, and drowned the fitting. unscrewed the plug on the exhaust channel. Then they connected to the outlet channel with a syringe, lowered the head by 2 millimeters into the flushing and pulled the flushing with the syringe through the head in the opposite direction. The flushing that exited the head and entered the syringe was clean.

    5. After cleaning in the opposite direction, we did the test, it was worse, there were missing nozzles in large numbers. Next, we washed the head 10 more times in STRONG mode, but washing did not give a result.

    6. On the advice of a service engineer, we mixed the flushing with DMSO in the ratio of flushing 60% and DMSO - 40% and cleaned the head with this solution, this time we put the syringe on the fitting in the middle of the head (on which the damper is put on). They squeezed a syringe in the direction of the head, we injected the ink into the head with a syringe. An uneven shower was coming from below the head, the flows from the nozzles were directed not vertically downward, but to the side. They also noticed that when the syringe is pressed, the flushing encounters resistance, and the flow from the nozzles does not go right away, but with a delay, and this flow is always not even. After this washing, the situation did not change, and nozzles were still either absent or printed to the side.

    7. On the advice of a service engineer, we poured 60% flushing solution and 40% DMSO into the head and left it for two days. After that, the situation worsened significantly. 65 nozzles print to the side, 156 nozzles do not print at all, some nozzles disappear or appear after washing in STRONG mode, but after printing they may disappear again.
    Additionally, we checked the air in the ink path - there were no air bubbles.

    We put in a new cap and ink pump. But the situation does not change.

    Ink was from the 2019 batch.

    Flushing used the original.

    The printer has been working for 3 years in total.

    I am attaching a LC nozzle check to this post.

    Are there any other cleaning options?

    Is it acceptable to use rinsing solution + DMSO to clean this type of head?

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  2. Joseph44708

    Joseph44708 Member

    Jan 16, 2020
    Dont Waste Your Time.
    My W64 did the same thing on the Magenta print Head. I tried all the cleanings and soaking, nothing helped. I bought an new head from Digi Supply. I'm back to printing full speed.
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