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Onyx setup for Screen printing film

Discussion in 'RIP Software & Color Management' started by ikarasu, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. ikarasu

    ikarasu Very Active Member

    Jun 10, 2016
    Port Coquitlam, bc
    So We're looking at getting a new printer for our screen printing film, since ours is on its way out. Our Current is an Epison 9800. Our old printer is using an old Wasach thats at its end of life and doesn't support the new printer...so We're trying to add the film printer to our Onyx.

    I'm used to CMYK printing, so it's a bit different for me. The way I understand it is they do color separations via illustrator, and it outputs the file in all black, it shoots over to Wasachi, which prints it in all black. It looks like Wasachi is setup as "Mono".

    I can set it up to print and everything fine... but the blacks are really light / see through. I can't check in Wasach what it's changing the CMYK values to, so i'm not sure what to change onyx to. I tried changing onyx to Greyscale/black, but nothing seems to print good blacks, unless I go the usual 60/40/40/100, or even 100/100/100/100. But Theyre under the impression Wasach only uses black, and none of the other CMY colors (though it may be using a mix of black and photo black).

    How is your blacks setup for screen print film? Is it just monochrome/grey, or is it a mixture of colors? Any other specific settings for screen print film I should know about? I tried copying everything from Wasach that I could... but I think it's one of the cheap came with the printer versions, so theres not too much I can change. I'm going to play with it more once work is back on Tuesday, but I figured I'd ask for input since there does seem to be a few screen printers on here still!

  2. d fleming

    d fleming Very Active Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    Middleburg, Florida
    I print direct from either corel or signlab to film. I am currently using an epson workforce all in one that has 13x19 output. When I send files the are all in rgb black and setup is color print. I tell it it is printing on matte paper. Nice rich black film.

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