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Discussion in 'General Signmaking Topics' started by BIG EASY DOES IT, Nov 27, 2012.


    BIG EASY DOES IT Very Active Member

    Mar 14, 2011
    So I had a tech come out the other day. He fixed a drying issue on our printer and I was running behind so I needed to run an entire roll of 3M 3430 EGP and print some handicap signs. I did a short run to make sure everything was working properly and even made sure that it was printing to size. Everything was good so I started printing the full roll. Come in the next morning and start working on the signs. Everything looks great. It's dry. I'm excited. Start mounting on the aluminum. Every single one of my damn signs is a quarter inch too long. I don't understand what happened between one print and then next that made such a big change.

    PS. Does anybody have a need for 50 R99c and 50 R99c+van and 26 or so r100bs that are a quarter inch too long.

    Uggghhhhhhh....... Not a good start to a Teusday.

    Ill just go ahead and give myself one of these. :Welcome: to :signs101:

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