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PC600 - How to print spot black / spot cyan / spot mag / spot yellow

Discussion in 'Roland' started by KPC, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. KPC

    KPC Member

    Aug 24, 2006
    I'm having no luck with printing spot magenta, spot cyan, etc..

    I have no problem printing any of the spot ribbons (spot gold / spot silver / etc..)

    In corel draw 12, I open the pallet editor, grab a color that looks like silver and rename it (silver_resin). make a design and choose the silver_resin color. export it as a .eps

    then import the .eps and rip it to the PC600 using RCC. When I hit "send" in RCC, it pops up a little window that says "insert silver cartridge", I hit ok and the machine prints the design using spot silver.

    But if I make a design in corel and choose 100% cyan, 0%YMK and save it as (cyan_resin), export it, rip it to RCC, when I hit send, it prints in the PC600 as CYMK (not necessarily in that exact order), but the point that I'm trying to make is that it prints all colors to make 100% cyan, rather than simply printing using just the cyan cartridge

    I designed the graphic anyway as 100% cyan in the pallet editor anyway, so I don't know why RCC is changing it to process colors, rather than just printing cyan only.

    I don't know if I need to make a change to "color mode" or "ICC Output Profile" in RCC, or something else.

    But there must be a way to print spot cyan rather than process cyan.
    This also extends to all of the other colors (Y-M-K) as well. If I make a design that I want it to print spot Magenta, if I set the color pallet in Corel to 100% Magenta and 0% CYK, then when ripping it, it should only print the Magenta cartridge because it was designed in corel with 100% magenta. But just as the problem with Cyan discussed above, even if I set it to 100% magenta, it prints all CYMK for magenta. I need it to print just spot magenta.

    How can I get the process colors (CMYK) detect as spot colors and print as spot colors?

    I read somewhere a while back that someone else was having this same problem. The person also couldn't figure otu what setting changes to make so that the PC600 would print just "spot black or spot cyan". I remember him saying that what he did, was take one of his empty silver cartridges, open it up, and put the black ribbon inside the silver cartridge.
    Then when he made the design in corel, he selected the areas that he wanted to print in black, he set the color to be spot silver

    Then when he ripped it to the printer, it popped up the window saying "insert silver cartridge" but because the silver cartridge actually had the black ribbon inserted in it, the printer was tricked into printing spot black by using the spot silver cartridge.

    I don't want to have to swap ribbons into different cartridges, so I just need to find out which setting changes to make so that it will print spot black / spot cyan, etc.. using just the black or just the cyan cartridges.
  2. Sign Works

    Sign Works Very Active Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    Sacramento, CA
    Think I used RCC for maybe one day before I uninstalled it and have ran my PC-600 from Flexi Pro ever since, much more control than RCC. Anyhow I believe it's a RCC driver setting or preference setting within RCC or something like that, same as with Flexi you have to select "Print Spot Colors" See if you can find this setting in RCC or in the XP driver settings for the PC-600. Also the name of the color in the artwork does not need to contain the "_Resin" like on the spot color ribbons, artwork should be designed in CMYK color mode and fill elements with desired specific colors, cyan, magenta, black or yellow. You can also print using percentages of these colors as long as thats what the artwork contains. Wish I could be more specific but I don't use RCC or Corel, keep at it you'll figure it out. You can always go ask on the Roland ColorCamm forum, lots of Corel/RCC users there.

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