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Prism Jet Extra....love+hate

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by MITCHATEXOTIC, Sep 11, 2007.



    Mar 27, 2007
    Ordered replacement ink (mutoh) for my printer and when installed I got an error cod incompatible cartridge......suggested work around from sign war house install original cartridge start to print than swap to new cartridge.Wow talk about hokey...called my local mutoh dealer and they said that ther was a service upgrade that should of been installed before the machine shipped to me...now my original inks will be rendered in op ,and if I install The new cartridge had a smart chip installed.all the upgrade I have to sign away my warranty...Luckily mutoh tech is on his way this a.m. 125.00rush plus 250. upgrade....any on else stuck here or is it just me...I LOVE THESE BOARDS AND WOULD LIKE TO LOVE SIGN WAREHOUSE.....ARE THEY GOING TO LET ME RETURN MY ORIGINAL OEM"s FOR CREDIT...:help::help::help::help::help:

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