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Suggestions Problem with cutting our images after printing

Discussion in 'Roland' started by Jim Hill, May 22, 2020.

  1. Jim Hill

    Jim Hill Active Member

    My Roland SP-300 is printing fine but today when it is time for the cutter to cut out each image with the Roland Magenta color it moves to the first image and just cuts though the image over and over until I hit the pause button.
    I forgot how to fix this problem which I had years ago and I am sitting trying to remember how I corrected this problem in the past.
    Thanks offering help because I am having a senior citizen moment.

  2. Jim Hill

    Jim Hill Active Member

    I should have mentioned that I already completed the Limit Initialization and I also checked to make sure the blade was in the correct position and that was also fine.
    I have not yet tried cleaning the encoder strip since it is printing perfectly.

    The scanner motor and the encoder strip and the sensor were all replaced about two months ago.

    I just did another check and it prints and cuts the first image in the row but then just keeps going around until I hit the pause button.
    Any idea what the problem is.

  3. Jim Hill

    Jim Hill Active Member

    I figured out the problem.

    After rechecking everything on the printers I decided to try and print a different image to see if if it was something in the image that was the problem and that is exactly where the problem was. I removed the Roland magenta color line around the first image and created a New cut line and that solved the problem.

    This was another lesson learned when you think it is the printer try printing and cutting a different image first before doing the Limit Initialization process because that was not the problem.
    Sounds crazy but I really love working on these printers but you have to have analytical mind to figure out what going on.

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