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profiles roland

Discussion in 'Roland' started by boggiom72, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. boggiom72

    boggiom72 Member

    Nov 14, 2010
    I have a hi fi pro II 740 water based...
    I'm playing around with profiles downloaded from the roland website...
    the simplest one for glossy photo give an error message in loop, and I have all the time to reinstall my colorip...

    on the wasatch website also there are many, but no indication for what they are...
    Anybody knows those or can guess?

    720V_LcLm_PCM_IDBM.exe 1.11 MB
    720V_LcLm_PCM_MAC7.exe 1.09 MB
    720V_LcLm_PCM_PGP.exe 1.06 MB
    720V_LcLm_PCM_PMP2.exe 1.12 MB
    720V_LcLm_PCM_PVCB.exe 1.13 MB
    720V_LcLm_PCM_WMWV.exe 1.12 MB
    720V_LcLm_PGM_PMWV.exe 1.13 MB
    720V_LcLm_PGM_TWF.exe 1.13 MB
    720V_LcLm_PQM_CRBW.exe 1.1 MB
    720V_LcLm_PQM_PETG.exe 1.09 MB
    720V_LcLm_PQM_PHSP.exe 1.07 MB
    720V_LcLm_PQM_PRSW.exe 1.1 MB

    Any other place where I can find profiles?
    Any good way to learn how to make mine?

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