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repeatability of contour cutting with CG-75fx

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by PDD, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. PDD

    PDD Member

    Aug 17, 2011
    I have a mimaki cutter cg-75fx that I am having problems with repeatability of cut.

    Will not cut in the same spot or even within .1 - .3 mils of the same spot twice in a row. Hardware looks flawless, low mileage cutter. I have the maintenance manual and am about to blank all the calibration parameters that I inherited with the cutter and as part of the clearing process thought I would reflash the firmware to the latest version just in case. I know my jv3 I could not get heads aligned/calibrated until I completely wiped the NVRAM in it and soon as I did after a clean wipe the calibration came right in. I am hoping something similar will revive the cutter. Been at it three days and can't get it to even behave the same twice so its hard to nail down the problem as there is a ton of variables. Works great with finecut cutting paint mask film but soon as I contour cut using printed registration marks, it will either start offset and fix itself half way through a decal cut run or start fine and go off kilter. Its like its self adjusting as it cuts. Net result it will not completely cut a sheet in the correct position across the entire sheet. Problem is not location or section specific. All internal calibration plots with a pen are right on. Mark sensor has been adjusted to factory spec, so its not that, it never misses a mark, however after detecting the four marks (without error) when it homes ready to cut the red beam often does not come back to the point where its just touching the horiz and vert edges of the registration mark TP1. Sometimes it comes back .3 mil off yet as far as it thinks all is perfect and set to go. If I don't adjust the origin after mark detection it starts by cutting in the wrong place but somehow corrects itself half way through a decal sheet (30 x 36 sheet size). If I adjust the origin a and b by a few mils to put tp1 in right location of the read beam then it starts cutting in the right spot and wanders off in some cases quite significantly about 1/2 way through the sheet. Its quite perplexing. Grit wheels are clean and in excellent shape, platen is clean and not sticky, pinch rollers in good shape, all belts are excellent, no indications of motor encoder errors from self tests. Using rs232 interface with Onxy 10.

    I am grasping at straws and ready to try almost anything right now. Its either something super super obvious that has been overlooked or its a really subtle problem. Don't think its anything in between :) I hope we can fix this cutter issue as its driving us crazy and has our workflow stopped. We have never used it in contour cutting before but has worked for two years fine (and still does with finecut as I mentioned. Thanks Brent
  2. Adrenalinemisfit

    Adrenalinemisfit New Member

    May 23, 2013
    Huntsville Alabama
    I hope this helps if you have not already fixed the problem. I was having the same problem about 6 months ago. I have a cg-130fx, 10 years old. what i finally found out it was the tension of the pinch rollers. they were not set all the same and causing one side to pull harder and caused it to keep getting off. I bought a fish scale and hooked a string to it and the back of the pinch roller and pulled down on the string with the fish scale until i could see a little space under the roller. I then looked at where the weight was on the scale and then adjusted all the other pinch rollers to the same setting or weight. That fixed it right up!

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