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Rogue Pro - Left error

Discussion in 'Vinyl' started by bnelson, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. bnelson

    bnelson Xacta Printing

    Sep 5, 2019
    New Mexico
    I purchased a Rogue Pro for my shop and tried to get it working using LXi to no avail, there was consistently a problem with it removing the spooling files for all of my printers on any computer I tried to set it up with. I Switched to Flexi 19 and that worked well for a bit, but now I am getting a Left Error message on the Rogue pro and cannot get it to cut anything else.

    We are able to cut from the same computer using Flexi on our Enduracut and print on a Mutoh Valujet. Starting to think the Rogue Pro might not have been worth the investment. Any help would be appreciated.

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