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Roland FJ-540 firmware

Discussion in 'Roland' started by darknite323, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. darknite323

    darknite323 New Member

    Jan 31, 2010
    We run 9 Roland FJ-540 machines with 2 of these purchased recently, and have noticed that the one printer with the newest firmware 7.60 has some kind of new cycle it does before and after doing the auto clean, and also before doing anything if its been stopped for a few minutes.

    The problem with this is, right after it does this the ink never comes out of the heads properly, we'd found out that this is because during this cycle the heads are not capped and the ink goes back into the head with some air going with it.
    We solved the problem by downgrading the firmware of this machine to version 5.00 which we had on file from upgrading our other machines some years ago. After the downgrade the machine no longer does that stupid pump cycle and has been printing perfectly ever since

    Our other new machine is running firmare version 6.70 and is working fine also, i have been trying to get a list of firmware changes to try and see what changed between firmware 6.70 and 7.60 to bring about this problem, and also to see if it is worth possibly upgrading our machines to version 6.70, as the majority are running version 5.00.

    I have already tried asking roland for this information but was told that it was only for "authorized service personnel only", this is total BS as far as im concerned. Why would they supply the firmware updates along with instructions on how to apply the update on their support website, but not tell you what exactly this update does besides change the version number.

    The update and instructions are found Here:http://download.rolanddg.jp/en/color.html#pro2firm

    If anyone would be able to post the firmware changelog it would be much appreciated.
    I am also interested in getting ahold of the firmare changelog for the SP-300V and XJ-640
  2. mrsoliver

    mrsoliver Member

    May 4, 2009
    Riverside CA
    Firmware 7.60

    I have the Sol-jet 645ex that also uses firmware 7.60. I am currently running 6.50 with pretty good results and would also love to know if the upgrade to 7.60 would have any real benefit. One of my fears is that the upgrade will detect my non Roland print-heads or cause some other problem. Any advise out there would be much appreciated - thanks

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