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Roland PC 600 - cartridge dropping line spacing

Discussion in 'Roland' started by blake2415, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. blake2415

    blake2415 New Member

    Apr 28, 2007
    Hello All.

    I have purchased an almost like new PC-600 that looks to be a unit that was warehoused somewhere or refurbished and stored. It was suppose to be in prime condition but I suspect it was dropped on the way here to me. The top plastic smoked window is cracked at the screw joint on the left siide, but otherwise the unt looks new and is very clean.

    The cartridge dropping and mishandling is an alignment issue I believe. If I bind the right side of the cartridge door by slipping something like a matchbook into the hinged right side as I close it, the pressure pushes the cartridge door to the left just a bit and the jamming will stop. It does however occassionally fail to secure the cartridges into the holders leaving them ready to drop when the door is opened.

    Is there a hidden service setting for the alighment of the mechanism in relation to the cartridge position on the door panel? Also, is there a setting for the distance the cartridge is pushed in order to insure it is pushed a bit firmer into the holders? I have no way to know if that is an issue or simply it is still not aligned correctly.

    Secondly, I',m having a problem with text. the lines are too tight and they lap each other. This is based on the data printed on a self test. The text is almost unreadable. There are some color issues also but I"m not sure yet what to make of this. Maybe it's all related and maybe it's an expensive problem or a simple one requiring some deeper level programming not shown in the user manual.

    Anyhow, This machine is the perfect addition to my business. I need short run small sized runs and this will be ideal for me.

    Unsure if I can post a picture here, I put a link to the self test ColorCam logo printout for anyone that might be able to give me some input after seeing this.

    I appreciate your help, and thanks!

    the image is here:
  2. mladams7259

    mladams7259 Very Active Member

    Sep 7, 2006
    Looks like a bad head coupled with bad tracking and possibly some miscommunication with the pc. Im not sure. Could be 1 of 1000 things. Take it to a service rep. Good Luck. I had one and sold it, the best move I ever made!
  3. customsticker

    customsticker Member

    Apr 23, 2007
    Sell it before you hate the printing industry.

    These machines aren't something Roland is too proud of at this point!

    I see more issues then positives from them.
  4. TNT

    TNT Member

    Apr 17, 2007
    There is a setting in the machine that will automaticly go threw and correct the problem. I had to have my rolland dealer send me the paper to tell me how to do this. I do not have this with me here. I will see if I can find it today at the shop. These machines are not the worst thing. They are great for small decals and printing on wax T-shirt transferes.
  5. Jackpine

    Jackpine Major Contributor

    There is a guy I believe in NJ, CammTech that is a Rolsnd dealer and repairs or did ColorCamms. Resin ribbons print great shirt transfers on ColorPrint.
    You may have more problems then you can repair and may need to send it to a repair shop that can. The printhead replacements were $700 a few years ago. Good Luck.
  6. bobkeyser

    bobkeyser New Member

    Aug 12, 2011
  7. Sign Works

    Sign Works Very Active Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    Sacramento, CA
    ColorCamm PC-600 Critical Rule #2 - DO NOT EVER SHIP PC-600 !!! :frustrated:

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