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Need Help Roland VS-540i print cut alignment off

Discussion in 'Roland' started by Kystinz, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Kystinz

    Kystinz Kystinz

    Aug 12, 2020
    Red Bluff, CA
    I am having an issue with cut staying the same around my circle stickers, it is supposed to be 2 mm all the way around but I am getting 1mm on the top and 3mm on the bottom of my circle, or sometimes worse like in the picture.
    only printing about 2 foot at a time

    How do I calibrate the machine?

    For sticker material should it be a 45-degree or 60-degree blade?

    Thanks, Kristine

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  2. Joe House

    Joe House Active Member

    Feb 5, 2004
    #1 - the blade will have no affect on the print cut accuracy but for thinner materials, use the 45 degree blade.
    #2 - to calibrate, Go into Menu>Cutting menu and perform the print cut calibration if you aren't laminating or the crop cut adjustment if you're taking the material out and using crop marks. Also, in the cutting menu is Auto Env Match - make sure that this is enabled.
    And on an older machine, you need to make sure that your pinch wheels are in good shape so that the material tracks properly. Replace them if you never have on a printer that old.

    Good Luck,
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  3. balstestrat

    balstestrat Member

    Aug 25, 2020
    User calibration isn't as accurate as the service menu calibration so keep that in mind. Should be accurate enough tho.

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