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S2 T160 Helpful Tips

Discussion in 'Summa' started by BALLPARK, Nov 30, 2018.


    BALLPARK Member

    Dec 5, 2008
    Radford, VA
    We upgraded our XC-540 cutter to a Summa S2 T160. We were using an XC-540 for the cutting and it was limited in many ways due to accuracy and length of cuts for what we needed at this time.

    It's fun to learn new interfaces and setup procedures. I took the ol' out of the box, plug it in and try to make it work to get enough data to ask some questions about features and tips from guys. I value the input of experienced users over text book type procedures or hammering a rep with a lot of questions before the purchase once it's known to be the best equipment for our needs. The real deal comes from users and I hope to get some feedback from you guys on tips & suggestions.

    I was very happy on how easy it was to setup the Summa for barcode online. Setup the new cutter for Caldera and checked the barcode option.

    It was nice just to switch it up from the Roland marks to a barcode system on the prints. It was very easy to line up the barcode section of the print with the shadow line from the cutter. The positioning was fast and on point for the first starting point from the HP print with the barcode.

    In the past we would mark "S" for start and "E" for end between our print/cut projects. This helped us properly load the XC-540 for cutting our prints from HP and Vutek. Caldera has a Cut orientation option that can be used to know the proper orientation of the print. I just have to remember that the bottom of the screenshot image should be the first out of the cutter when standing in front of the cutter.

    Is there a way to make it not read it both ways the same for the orientation when loaded? Perhaps an option within the Summa interface or Caldera? Every now and then I will not pay enough attention and load it backwards thus causing delays and loss of profits once it cuts from the wrong side.

    I was concerned that Phototex would have issues during the process. That was put to bed as quickly as it cuts, which is very fast. The cuts were on point and even with a bit of lump in the media in some of the areas were not a problem. The trimmed edges were very consistent on some runs with different sized shapes. I was very impressed with the overall time and accuracy of the cutter.

    I did not try to use the Flexcut 1 or Flexcut 2 options with Caldera. Although this is one of the features I hope to master to help with logos and small decal batch runs.

    Any suggestions on which is better (Flexcut 1 or Flexcut 2) or tips on using it as in things to watch out for during the process?

    I found this thread on Caldera Support for Flexcut... Do I need to change the settings for the "Line Type" often? Any tips on this would be great!

    There is also a Kiss Cutting 1 and Kiss Cutting 2. I used Kiss Cutting 1 on our runs to his point. What is the difference?

    The "Tool Type" for "Current tool".
    Am I able to use this for our kiss cut projects or do I need to select the "Kiss Cutting 1 or Kiss Cutting 2".

    I use the slowest setting in hopes that it will ensure the best accuracy and it's still much faster than our previous roll cutter.

    What speeds do you use for calendared, cast, and other specialty media? Any suggestions...? What speed setting have you noticed a slight loss in accuracy?

    Do you have any tips that standout in your head for Caldera and Summa when working with certain media / brands?

    We have been using Clean Cut blades and very happy with the product. Have you used them in the past? If so, do you think the Summa blades are better for your S2 series or did you go back to using Clean Cut blades?

    What is the max length you try to limit your cuts for vinyl and/or Phototex? Does this change your comfort zone based on the size of the roll (24" to 60")?

    Any input on tips & tricks using this series will be greatly appreciated!!!

    We purchased the S2 series from Phil w/ Airmark. It was a very smooth process and we hope to purchase a few of these in 2019. I would suggest Phil & Airmark for anyone looking into the purchase of a Graphtec or Summa cutter.

    Thanks for your input. I hope you and your staffs have a wonderful Holiday season and break some sales records in 2019! This industry is awesome and we are lucky be a part of it!
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  2. AF

    AF Active Member

    Dec 8, 2013
    The instructions for the machine will walk you through all the features. You will need to experiment with your particular materials to determine the best speed, downforce etc. I recommend starting with slower speeds and less pressure, then build up from there. The machine is a beast.
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  3. Bly

    Bly Very Active Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    Tape a printhead cleaning swab onto the head next to the knife so the knife doesn't scratch the vinyl as it moves around.
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  4. FrankW

    FrankW Very Active Member

    Oct 19, 2008
    Caldera should print one barcode on each end of the job. With this barcodes caldera recognizes the orientation too. So it doesn't matter in which direction the job is loaded into the cutter, it will apply the contour job in the matching orientation. If you check the barcodes on each end, you will find out that they are slightly different.

    There are two FlexCut-Modes, "fast" and "accurate" (as can be chosen through the plotter menu). As far as I remember "accurate" is mode 2. "Accurate" is the recommended FlexCut-Mode, some RIP-Softwares doesn't support mode "fast" anymore.

    Don't change the line type at all. FlexCut is driven plotter internal.

    Not shure, but I assume that these are two different presets for regular cutting. Check the settings below.

    The accuracy could decrease with high speed.

    The technical data of the cutter shows up a repeatability of 4m (around 150") when using media with a width of more than 30", and 12m (around 450") when using a media width of 30" and lower. So the tracking will be accurate on a longer distance with small media. The maximum theoretical length of a cutting job is around 75m (max. 64 markers per side with a maximum distance of 1.2m).

    But of course, too to avoid a lot of waste if something failed inbetween, I would suggest smaller jobs of around 1m, even if you need to cut thousands of copies. So if one failed, you loose only a few of all copies. When using OPOS Barcode, it isn't more work, because with OPOS Barcode the plotter will process multiple jobs on a roll completely automatically. Suggestion: for the S140 and S160 is a take-up-roller available which will roll up every single job when finished.

    Additionally, with activating "OPOS Panelling" in the OPOS Menu, the accuracy will improve too because the job will be processed in steps. It will cut the area between 4 or 6 markers completely before starting the next part. That avoids long distance feeding. The take-up-roller will roll up every single panel too.

    When using FlexCut, don't set the copies to near to each other.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
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    BALLPARK Member

    Dec 5, 2008
    Radford, VA
    Thank you fellas for the feedback!!! Some great notes to be sure to go over again once I'm trying some of the above features.
  6. Snydo

    Snydo Member

    May 1, 2008
    Central Michigan
    If you cut a large amount of thicker materials, say 10 mil plus, I would highly reccomend adding another pinch roller or two. Much better accuracy and less scratching or scraping from media buckle.
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  7. Marshal

    Marshal Member

    Mar 29, 2017
    Best tip ever. A simple solution, and it works amazing.

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