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Sales Tax and QuickBooks

Discussion in 'General Software' started by cgsigns_jamie, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. cgsigns_jamie

    cgsigns_jamie Very Active Member

    I'm hoping to get some answers from a few QuickBooks experts...

    I live in a county in Florida which has a 1% surtax in addition to the 6% state sales tax.

    Normally when I generate an invoice I select the sales tax for my county (7%) and QB figures the tax automatically.

    However because of "Rule 12A-15.002, Florida Administrative Code" I only need to add the surtax to the first $5,000.

    So basically if I sell a sign for $25,000 I have to tax $5,000 at 7% and $20,000 at 6%. In order to do this properly in QB I have to generate two invoices, one with a $5,000 balance taxed at 7% and another with a $20,000 balance taxed at 6%.

    My question for you QB experts is can I set up QB to have two tax rates on one invoice? Can I tell QB to only tax the first $5,000 at 7% and the rest at 6%
  2. cgsigns_jamie

    cgsigns_jamie Very Active Member

    No QuickBooks geniuses with an idea?
  3. bryan

    bryan Member

    Nov 27, 2004
    I've had to do this myself dealing with Texas Internet access sales tax being discounted to 0% for the first $25.00 and then normal for $25.01 and up. As well, hosting services received a 20% taxing discount. The only way I found to do it, other than what you've already described, was to make multiple tax items for the different percentages. This made it where we could properly report it and would also show to the customer what was going on. Of course, you have to bust up the amount as you described, but it does allow you to do it all on one invoice.

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