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SC-500 arrived - missing some hardware, need some advice on ink.

Discussion in 'Roland' started by lodcomm, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. lodcomm

    lodcomm Member

    Oct 30, 2013
    Ledyard, CT
    Hello Folks,

    My recently purchased sc-500 finally arrived freight and I have gotten around to setting it up on the stand and all.

    Unfortunately it appears that the "arm" brackets that extend out the back of the stand to hold the material feed rollers are missing. Does anyone have a source for a set of these, or could I talk someone into taking some measurements of theirs so I can fabricate a replacement set - It is a set of Item #1 in the below parts diagram.


    Secondly - The previous owner (the same guy who lost the roller "Arms" :) Had been using bulk eco-solv ink with this printer, and the refillable cartridges are still partially full. Before I fire it up, I would like to flush the cartridges out of the old ink, flush the lines and heads etc. He gave me a reference of the ink he was using:

    Nazdar/Lyson - Roland ECO Solvent printer inks LWS2000XX - I'm not sure that this means anything to anyone.

    However my question is, can someone recommend a economical (i.e.: Reasonably Priced!) eco ink and flush to use with this printer.

    Do I need to use the Nazdar/Lyson flush to clean their old ink out of the printer or can I use any quality eco-solvent flush.

    Oh, I also need a cleaning cartridge - anyone have a source for this as well.

    Thanks in advance, to everyone.


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