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Sealing UV?

Discussion in 'Flatbed Printers' started by MilanoGuru, May 14, 2009.

  1. MilanoGuru

    MilanoGuru Member

    Mar 31, 2009
    Ok so I got this customer be brought me plexiglass. He wants to know how to Seal the UV to make it harder than it already is. I have explained to him that UV is like a Brick of Ink its solid and so on. He says he wants it scratch resistant... Heard of this stuff called Crystal Bond but not sure of it. I dont want any more damn chemicals in my shop I dont need... any help would be great!
    Thanks again

  2. Malkin

    Malkin Very Active Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    Augusta, ME
    How about a polycarb based overlaminate?

    It would certainly be scratch resistant, although I have no idea if it would be appropriate on acrylic.
  3. Mspec

    Mspec Member

    Jul 7, 2008
    if it is clear plexi, flip the image and do a reverse print. Then the ink is already protected by the plexi, plus the colors will pop better and you will lose all of the matte "uv print" look to the job.
  4. cmpginc

    cmpginc New Member

    Jun 22, 2009
    I want to back up Mspec's idea.. reverse print so the plexi itself protects the ink.

    We pre-treat lexan for reverse print so the UV ink sticks better but do not after coat it in any way. Not sure how well UV ink sticks to plexi as we have not done it before. But the Sericol ze-1000 adhesion promoter is supposed to work with many plastics other than lexan like we use it for.

    We've found 3M adhesives, and others, have a reaction to the UV ink from our Mimaki JF-1631 and causes it to de-laminate so the overlam may cause you similar problems. We are still going back and forth with 3M for options on this one.

    Yeah you are right if it's cured correctly it is like a brick of ink.. but the customer is paying for the job so you gotta give them what they want! I have a customer that requested a UV protective coating on top of the UV print we did on white sintra.. I said you don't need it but if you want it you'll get it.. I bought cans of spray clear coat and sprayed it after printed and cut!!
  5. benjercorp

    benjercorp Member

    Nov 10, 2008
    I'll recommend sericol seal ask your distributor which fit you best
  6. jdigital

    jdigital Member

    Jun 30, 2008
    We use Sericols ZE-680 for acrylic. It works great on our Incas

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