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Secure your USB Dongle - New Product

Discussion in 'Industry News & Announcement' started by CS-SignSupply, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. CS-SignSupply

    CS-SignSupply Very Active Member

    Dongle Lockbox - Keeps Your USB Dongle Keys Secure and Your Software Running!

    Don't let your projects come to a halt because your USB dongle is missing...
    Dongle keys are used by software developers to protect their software from piracy. Recording studios, CAD/CAM users, architects, designers, event planners, and anyone using software protected by a USB dongle are at risk from theft or loss of their dongle.

    Today, virtually all dongle keys are USB type and must be plugged into an available USB port on your PC or Laptop computer at all times to run the software program.

    If you use software that is protected by a USB dongle and you misplace your dongle key or if it is stolen, your software is now unusable! Replacement costs can be substantial as most software packages that use a USB dongle are very expensive.

    Users of Flexi, CiberCut, VersaWorks, EFI, Wasatch and Onyx print controllers can secure USB Dongles and prevent down time.

    The Dongle Lockbox is perfectly suited for recording studios using Cubase, Pro Tools, and ILOK dongles. Keep your studio up and running by preventing loss or theft of your dongle keys.

    In addition to the cost of replacing your software, the area of your business that needs this software cannot function until the replacement package is received and reinstalled on your computer. How many hours/days can you afford to be nonproductive?

    Now there is a solution available to alleviate your concerns and mitigate your risks - The USB Lockbox Kit available from CS Sign Supply

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