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Setting up a print and cut job in Onyx and Illustrator

Discussion in 'RIP Software & Color Management' started by Mata, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Mata

    Mata Member

    Feb 26, 2018
    London, England
    Apologies, I am new to Onyx so I might sound a complete tool right now.

    When I do a print and cut job, in the past I have used Illustrator to design it, duplicated my object layer and created a cut path then added a bleed to my original layer. Finally I would send it to Versaworks to print and cut.

    I'm now working with Onyx and a Seperate 1600mm Epson printer and a S2 1200mm Summa cutter and not sure how to do this...

    I assume I would do the exact same but send it to Onyx, is that right?

    If so, is there a better way to add a bleed? sometimes when the image has multiple colours it's hard to add a bleed.
  2. Boudica

    Boudica Active Member

    Dec 21, 2018
    Spokane, WA
    I use VW and Onyx - it's the same set up. Make sure you choose a cutter before you print it, then it will shoot the job to cut server and from there you do the cutting portion.

    Let me know If I need to elaborate - this is the RD version :)

    for the bleed, that can be tricky with different/overlapping colors. Sometimes I make a second copy of the artwork layer, pull it down below the real artwork layer, and add the bleeds to that.

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