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Should I gamble on a used VJ 1204?

Discussion in 'Mutoh' started by FatCat, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. FatCat

    FatCat Very Active Member

    Feb 12, 2007
    Columbus, Ohio
    Local bank has a repo VJ 1204 and matching Ultima 1400 cutter. They can't tell me anything about how it was taken out of service other than it was willingly surrendered. (Customer told the bank to come get it.) I think I can get the pair for around $7k, would it be worth it. Yes, I'm taking into account that the heads etc. may need replaced. Anyone have any ideas on costs for a head and maintenance station and how likely those items are toast if this things been sitting for a few weeks?

    Also, there are no disks or software with this unit. Did Mutoh supply their own software to do print and cut (like Versaworks), or do I need to invest in a 3rd party RIP and cut solution.

    I have to make a quick decision as there are others looking at this.
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  2. ProWraps™

    ProWraps™ Guest

    maintenance station is $550 here with another $500 or so to have a tech out. head i belive is around $1250. if you need a rip, i have a sealed copy of mutoh edition wasatch. just got it the other day with our latest mutoh printer. we use flexi so we are selling the wasatch. supposedly its better, but we dont want to switch our current setup as we are familiar with it.
  3. FatCat......Run away very fast. The thing probably went on the blink and he didn't have the money to fix it. $7.000.00 way to high for a used machine. If you really want it, I'd offer the bank $3,000.00 and tell them you will more than like have to have it fixed.
  4. FatCat

    FatCat Very Active Member

    Feb 12, 2007
    Columbus, Ohio
    I've considered that, however since this also has the cutter $7k isn't for the printer by itself. I don't know what the 55" 1400 Ultima is worth, but a comparable Graphtec would be around $3k used. I also forgot to mention the printer also comes with the takeup reel.

    No doubt it's a gamble, and likely I'd have to replace the head and/or maint. station. Decisions...decisions...
  5. ProWraps™

    ProWraps™ Guest

    if its a repo make an offer as mentioned above. explain to the bank the cost of the maintenance that will need to be peformed to bring it back to life. baffle them with tech speak. chances are they will say hell with it, and give it to you for a lower price. god knows they dont want to deal with it. they just want to recoup any funds they can to cover their loss.
  6. Graphics2u

    Graphics2u Very Active Member

    Jan 31, 2007
    Tell the bank you want to come in and power the thing up and do a test print with it. There's got to be a test print you can run from the menu, if nothing else do a nozzle check. If it looks good that will make you feel better and if it looks awful that's a bargaining chip with the bank.

    I have the Ultima SC1400. I love it for contour cutting around prints. It's registration alignment system is Awsome. It's not the best for small stuff at least I've never beeen able to get mine to work well on small lettering or really detailed small stuff.

    I'm sure it came with a version of Flexi or Wasatch specifically for Mutoh's. Tell the bank they need to get that from the client as well because it was part of the original purchase.
  7. randya

    randya Very Active Member

    Apr 6, 2007
    There are 2 alignments on the 48" SC1400 that could help with your lettering issues - epos and offset.

    Epos is the electronic positioning alignment (probably pretty good if your contours are being cut in the right place.

    Offset - is the alignment for the 'angle' of the cutting blade. This is more important to 'end' where you 'start' and get clean weedable lettering.

    Surely the customer had a RIP, but that is more dealer dependant, so not all machines ship with a Mutoh version of a RIP.
    Some dealers do full versions.

    There is the nozzle check and palette print that will give a good indication of nozzle firing.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2009

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