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Signs2Trade - Great Company

Discussion in 'Vendor Shout Out' started by BALLPARK, Mar 6, 2019.


    BALLPARK Member

    Dec 5, 2008
    Radford, VA
    Once again my go to trade supplier comes through in pinch for us. Not a large order... but a custom order that needs to arrive by Friday.

    We had a client that let something get by them for a deadline and he got a lot of pressure to have it done by Friday. Double sided 18oz pennant style banners. Our installers will be onsite already doing another project, but if the banners were not there it would have made them extremely expensive to bring back the lifts to install the banners on a different date which would have made things even worse for our client.

    We are slammed with Conference projects & partner company projects along with our normal work load... so we would not have had the time to produce them in time. Check with our guys at Signs2Trade and all is well. Client now will not stress for the next two days and we keep a long time client happy that was in a pinch earlier later this afternoon!

    Using wholesale companies work great to help expand the turnaround times for most any small to mid sized sign shop. Just make sure you are always working on something that will make money for today and/or tomorrow, if you're not making things in-house. If you do that... your profit margins will rise and your weekly productions will surpass what your in-house production can do most weeks.

    There is always the chance that things go wrong. Our client knows this and understands the risk. We are honest with our clients on what we do in-house and what we need to sub out based on the workloads. We have done some in-house for them in the past. But no time right now for the project from a print & finishing standpoint. I do not suggest to roll the dice often on tight windows on projects, but we are in the solution business and when our clients seek a solution we will provide options!

    I wish that I got to work with sign companies every day compared to those that are lack the experience on how to quickly & effectively process an order. Until that glorious day ever happens... Signs2Trade is my go to source for high quality work and good prices!!! Love their customer service and that is the icing on the cake!

    Nothing more in life as in personal time spent doing things for yourself that I love more than the sign industry. I cannot get enough of the endless possibles for expansion within this industry.

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  2. FireSprint.com

    FireSprint.com Trade Only Screen & Digital Sign Printing

    They are a great company! There are a handful of really really great wholesalers we really respect, and they are one of them!
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