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Some JV33´s, many Problems - need help! Loosing hole nozzle-line´s

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by autodress, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. autodress

    autodress New Member

    Apr 11, 2020
    Hey guys,
    I have two JV33 with quite the same problem. I loose full or half nozzle-lines of a printhead.
    what i have done already?
    i controled the lines of licking air.
    i changed all dampers
    i adjusted the capping like it is shown in the JV33 manual.
    i controled the damper-connection to the line and replaced some.
    i changed the INK from normal to bulk, from bulk to normal again.

    Which ink i used? Easyink´s at the beginning, then tryed with WOWINK (will be Chineese ink, a friend is running some roland DX4 with it some month without problems).

    In case in my world there has to be a problem that the machine is sucking air somewhere else.
    also maybe the capping is not perfectly adjusted, the right cyan canal is like above the capping rubber.

    i can give more details if someone have any questions. i realy need to solbe the problems and get my baby´s running:(

    Here is a video with a short explenation:

    the Black printhead already has problems with the nozzles. with ultrasonic and solvent i can get it like 98% again, just to tell, that i know there is a problem with it. but i think the bad nozzles goes together with the problem that it fail totally from time to time.

    I print like 5m fine, then the printing is becomming to streaky (only black and white), i do a cleaning an loose a full printhead nozzle-line. or somtimes jsut while printign halt nozzle-line is stopping to work.

    hope you got my problem and the video will help, that someone can help me!!
  2. timalh3

    timalh3 New Member

    Sep 10, 2020
    just a suggestion here but i think the inks you are using is causing the problem try another type of black ink i use sts inks and they work fine on my jv33 with no problems and you can try soaking the heads for a while and then try a normal clean but bulk cartridges like the ones you are using will sometimes get air in them right at the end of the cartridges you can take out the black cartridge and check that the ink is flowing properly through the cartridge but i would suggest changing the inks
  3. hbb2008

    hbb2008 Member

    Sep 20, 2013
    St Louis, MO
    Have you double checked the head height? earlier this year I had a similar problem, I am not using standard inks. My technician did and overall check and thought everything was good and except the head height. I use a very thin paper media and She told me that the height of the head should be about a thickness of a quarter(25 cent) between the printing zone and the bottom of the head. I would try this if you haven't already. if the head is even the slightest off, it can cause problems similar to what you are experiencing. Hope this helps

    take the head on to the printing zone and take the cover off the print head for better visibility. out a quarter on the printing zone, move the print head close to the quarter but take care to not damage the print head. check, adjust and tighten the screws.

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