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Suggestions Textured, 3D molded logo idea

Discussion in 'Logo Design' started by John Blazy, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. John Blazy

    John Blazy Dr Dichro

    Oct 13, 2017
    Cleveland, OH
    I recently developed a technique to mold "resins" that bond to PET and dichroic PET, making a textured panel. The molds are made to form 3D texture into resin infused laminate sheet, then I can cut the molded panel along the outlines of the molded shapes.

    The cool part is that the CAD files I use to design the molds (logo or lettering outline) end up being used with slight alterations to then cut the logo out with my laser following the texture, once the laminated sheet is indexed into the laserbed.

    Kindof like printing a graphic, then loading the print into a plotter or laser etc., then using same CAD file to then cut the outline of the graphic. Except this is 3D texture, no 2D lines.

    Hard part is indexing the laminated sheet into the laser - I have to "pre-print" the cut lines on clear PET film, then slide the laminate under the lined PET film, line up the texture to the lines, then change the laser settings for cutting, then cut away. Cool technique, not just for dichroic, but any textured PET or acrylic lamination.

    I am fairly new to signage, so not sure if there are similar technologies. Anyone heard of any? Seems like this technique can be adapted even as simply as casting epoxy over wood into a 3D shape, then cutting.

    I use dichroic film inside for impact, but the molded resin sheet can be colorless if desired, like clear PET over brushed metal PET, or any backing PET that reflects, allowing the "lensing" that takes place with this molded process. Signs can be done by making molds of lettering, forming the sheet, then cutting the letter out, then mounting onto substrate.

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