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The plotter doctor

Discussion in 'Vendor Shout Out' started by styleyouneed, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. styleyouneed

    styleyouneed Member

    Apr 29, 2013
    I must say my first time dealing with this company and it was a GREAT experience. This monday i had to order a drum for my newly acquired used HS15/Gerber Edge setup. Jim answered the phone at around 7AMish his time and answer EVERY question i asked and got the drum i needed and blades ordered.

    The next day i had some problems with the HS15 and called them back. Jim took time with me then passed me to Charlie who walked me through a few things to check including removing the MB. I sent it overnight for the free check. They got it late the next day. I called the following day to check on it. Veronica took the call and info and called me back with my results. MB was GOOD TO GO! She said to double check the fuses, which i did and BOOM blown fuse. She said they would send me two of each of the replacement fuses for FREE with my MB.

    We worked out what overnight shipping back to me would be for usps and fedex. usps was much cheaper but already came for the pick up for the day but Veronica offered to drive to the the post offices on her way home! So i called today to get the new drum installed and Charlie walked me through it flawlessly again. Then the MB arrived an hour later, i got hung up on two things and Charlie walked me through the solution again.

    They def went above and beyond for someone who never ordered anything and was the first time even contacting them. Thanks again to Jim, Charlie and Veronica for all your help. Now it's time to make money with the new toys!

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