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the versacamm

Discussion in 'Roland' started by grahame belton, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. grahame belton

    grahame belton Member

    Dec 26, 2003
    who's got one and what do they think of it?
  2. Mikew

    Mikew Member

    Feb 22, 2004
    I Want to Know Too!!

    I took a look at one the other day and was very impressed! Mind you it was the first one I've looked at so I have nothing to compare it too. The print quality was excellent even on JPEGS I pulled off the internet. It also did a great job with some digital photos I took.
    Their Eco-SOL ink didn't give off any unpleasent odor and we were in an enclosed room. I liked that alot!
    If you have a dealer near you go for a visit or send them some files and have them send you some prints so you can see for yourself.
    If I can get the right price and a good trade-in I'm going to give it some serious consideration!
    Does anyone else out there have any comments that can help Grahame and I out!!
  3. george3005

    george3005 New Member

    Nov 11, 2003
    dont get fooled by the no smell
    ink do a bunch of printing and you will smell it and i even get a bad head ache
    and end up stop printing to ventilate the place.
    As far as printing quality its great
    i love it and my customers love it :cool1:
  4. PureSportsDesigns

    PureSportsDesigns Member

    Jul 16, 2004
    If you don't have one, what are you waiting for? We have one and love it. We have had it for about 3 months and were wondering if we could justify buying one. Last week alone we printed 57 signs with it. It's AMAZING!!
  5. rsantos97

    rsantos97 Member

    May 25, 2004
    I just ordered mine last week :biggrin: , I will post my experiences with it in the future.