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Those wanting to boost there Website SEO

Discussion in 'Website Design' started by Color Spot North, May 29, 2014.

  1. Color Spot North

    Color Spot North Member

    May 22, 2014
    I am new here, but thought I'd try and contribute some advice that isn't typical Sign advice.

    There are many things that contribute to a good website, its ranking on Google, and how it presents your company.

    The two types of sign companies among us, are those than can afford RIGHT NOW to hire a top agency and sit back and focus on Signs, and those that have to do it themselves, and struggle along the way.

    This advice is for the latter.

    Topic of this discussion is Blog on your site.
    It has been determined through trial and error on my own, that when you post a blog on your site, Google indexes it very fast, and gives it a sort of boosting to its ranking. The reasons are many, but suffice is to say, Google wants relevant content. So, naturally most Blogs should be nice and full of this content. (not talking about blogs where people just cram it full of keywords, though it may trick Google, you run the risk of getting smacked by Google)

    So, then if you would like to increase, say, vehicle wrap leads, you would create some interesting blogs, that either enlighten, entertain, or educate a customer or fellow sign company. Yes, you make sure some keyword combinations are in there, for example, if you are in Chicago, make sure somewhere in the blog is "Chicago Vehicle Wraps", or similar.

    Next is asking Google to visit your site to see the new blog. This can be done at Google.com/addurl
    Or by submitting a sitemap. Submitting a sitemap is a little trickier, and if anyone is interested in that I can post something on it.

    Either way what this does is asks Google to visit the new info, and then within sometimes days or at worst a week or two, those blog pages will start showing up on high ranked pages.

    I just started our new website, so it has a lot of work still to be done, but you can check it out at

    and the blog is


    Guys I am learning all the time, so if others have corrections or additions please share, and I'll try to offer more info if people seem interested. Hope this is helpful to some!
  2. Color Spot North

    Color Spot North Member

    May 22, 2014
    As a follow up

    As a follow up, what about anyone else experience?

    Do you use blogging for similar purposes, and have you noticed Google Indexing your blogs well?
  3. VinylLabs.com

    VinylLabs.com Member

    Mar 2, 2005
    I work as a web developer (don't visit my site, lol, I've never had a chance to get it up, too much work) and I'd like to give some advice, but not too much, I've finished job1 and now moving to my sign business for the day ;)

    In order to get decent ranking on google, there is so much you have to do. there is no "do this, and you'll be ranked number 1!" but there are a few things you can do, I'll post the top few.

    here is the kicker, and the rule you have to remember: you cannot get good listings by doing one good thing, you have to do hundreds of "tiny" things. (while keeping in their guidelines of spam (aptly name whitehat SEO) if you do blackhat techniques, you will eventually get banned from google.

    1) set up an adwords account. do it now. spend a little money on it, and google will immediately give you a tiny "bump" in their organic results. it works on a blind-bidding system, so you can get started with as little as 10$ a day.

    2) have you site listed on other sites with your anchor text being the keyword you want to promote. the criteria here is 2 things: 1) do not keep doing it on the same site, it must be across multiple domains. 2) the site linking to you must not be using the "ref=nofollow" command. If you have 10 000 inbound links to your website with the text "eco-friendly printing" you can be sure you will be high up there in google within a few weeks.

    These are 2 of the top things you can do, but #2 takes a very long time and a lot of effort, and can start to look pretty spammy.

    3) I agree, having dynamic content on your website will give you a boost, having a blog will help, you can work for a day or so and write up several blog postings, then set the publish date in the future and have them auto publish themselves. using a sitemap.xml document is a neccessity.

    4) gone are the days of keyword stuffing and meta-tags, the main meta information you should focus on is the title, the description, and rich-meta tags, which can list additional information on your results, such as phone numbers, rating stars, prices etc.

    5) do not submit your website to google. google will find it on it's own, focus on your site being more crawl friendly.

    Remember: Google does not care how important your website says it is, google cares about how important OTHER websites say your website is.

    that's all the advice i have for now. hope some of it helps someone. :peace!:
  4. Color Spot North

    Color Spot North Member

    May 22, 2014
    all good stuff, thanks for adding.

    interestingly I have google on record that Adwords does not effect organic one bit and they are adamant about the to keep organic searches "editorial" which is opposite of paid inclusion.

    you may be right, but I never use Adwords (not out of dislike, just never had to... Knock on wood) and ranking comes pretty easy to me. Just thought I'd offer that if it helps put your mind at ease about feeling like you have to use Adwords. If you'd like to hear that video of them discussing I can post it up for you.
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