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TR2 Cleaning Fluid

Discussion in 'Roland' started by lolfailure, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. lolfailure

    lolfailure Member

    Mar 8, 2017
    Dos anyone know if there is a significant different between the cleaning fluid Roland labels to be used with TR2 inks and the older cleaning fluids? We're running out of the liquid that came with our upgrade kit and we still have quite a bit of the old stuff left. I assume they're both just generic solvents with some branded labeling but does anyone know for sure? MSDS wasn't very helpful and the ingredients arent listed on the old product. I'm guessing its fine but I'd like to know what you all think before we risk putting it anywhere near our print heads in case there's some crazy reaction with the new inks.

    Dumb question maybe? But I'm feeling like its better safe than sorry with stuff this valuable.
  2. Everything we could find out said that there is a difference and that you are not supposed to use the TR Cleaning Fluid after upgrading. We did font put the cleaning fluid in the TR2 cleaning pouch is the same as the TR2 bottle of cleaning fluid but it’s about $30 to $35 less expensive. We bought the pouch, cut a corner off and filled the bottle (we also emptied out a TR cleaning large bottle and let it dry and used it for the new fluid, labeling it TR 2).

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