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Type of Paint

Discussion in 'General Signmaking Topics' started by muledalton, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. muledalton

    muledalton Member

    Apr 3, 2008
    My school has a PlasmaCAM that we cut out metal art with and we are currently using acrylic enamel paint to finish the metal with after we have applied primer. Does anyone else use this type of paint for outdoor use and what type of results have you had with it or does anyone use other types that they've had success with? The type we are using is Duplicolor and the can says "automotive blend" on it. Thanks for any help!
  2. OldPaint

    OldPaint Major Contributor

    YEA.........every vehicle that is outside........USES IT. its metal, and i always treat outdoor metals to ACRYLIC ENAMEL.
  3. AUTO-FX

    AUTO-FX Very Active Member

    Feb 14, 2010
    Well, technically , no, most vehicles today have URETHANE enamel. A two part (catalized) finish. What you are spraying out of that can is more like what was used before urethane finishes became prevelant, although acrylic enamel automotive finishes were also catalized.
    The spray balm is ok, as long as the primer is applied properly. If you could spray a catalized paint, you would double or triple the durability.If you cant do that, the addition of a clear coat will help. Sherwin williams makes a good clear in a spray can, available as "cut in clear" from any automotive paint supplier. Duplicolor makes a clear for painting wheels which is ok.
  4. JasperST

    JasperST Member

    May 14, 2010

    If you want to get fancy about it for art's sake, you can use a 2 part primer. I've had great success with Transtar's 2k acrylic urethane primer. Even painted my motorcycle with it. They have a sandable and non-sandable version.
  5. OldPaint

    OldPaint Major Contributor

    urethanes are great, but for most painting you will do for metal art, a good automotive ACRYLIC ENAMEL with hardner will be all you need. its a SINGLE STAGE application, meaning that the clear(stuff that makes it shine)is added right to color formula. i know this from working at NAPA for 15 yrs and did a lot of mixing paint. most urethanes are a 2 STAGE, base coat clear coat. really good if your looking for glass like finish. i also a gree that the 2 part PRIMERS are fantastic. the regular automotive primers are not really water proof. and will not protect as well as 2 part primers. most of your "rat rods" that are painted in flat, use these primers. they aint CHEAP..........and same goes for urethanes. you can buy a qt of A/E bout 30-40 bucks, a 2 part urethane, is gona put you in the $100's for same quantity.
  6. Mosh

    Mosh Major Contributor

    Oct 19, 2009
    Get it powdercoaded and be done with it!

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