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UJF605C Lt Cyan Problem

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by tco99, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. tco99

    tco99 New Member

    Oct 10, 2008
    Hi all,

    I have a UJF605C printer, just wondering if anyone else is having any problems regarding heavy deflections and missing nozzles in this perticular colour??
    I have tries machine cleans, hard and normal, washing cartridges and swab cleaning! None of this makes much difference to the print tests! Anyone else or is this just me???
  2. surfite

    surfite New Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    Mimaki UJF 605c

    As far as my Mimaki Machine I will get together a few things for you even though now the paperwork is as thick as "War and Peace"
    Regarding this Mimaki Machine, so much has gone wrong I suppose I will just start from the beginning
    I will send photos soon, as It is all at the factory, and I"m sending this mail from home

    1/ First 4 months after installation " INK DRIPPING FROM HEADS AND HEAD CARRIAGE ONTO JOB"
    2/ At the same time this was happening there was substaintial "NOZZLE DROP OUT 30%" This was the major problem
    after 3 years of this happening they sent there Top Tech Guy "Mr Terashima" after 2 days of pulling the machine apart it worked for 11 months
    All 7 heads were replaced at this time , previous to this there would have been another 7 replaced , Funnnily enough all colours were replaced except for the white which I thought was where the problem would have been before I bought the machine, Even though they didn't tell me there was whispers amongst themselves ,(that I had deducted ) that the heads on the machine had not had a small rectangular copper grounding plate installed at anytime, it went from the head to the head carriage, the reason i know this is that Mr Terashima had asked to see the older heads that had been replaced ( Which I had paid $30,000.00 for and that they had taken back to japan and promised a report on them of which i never recieved , you see I believe those heads were good its just that the copper plate had never been installed as the copper plate was still in the bag)
    3/ Ghosting or over spraying of nozzles
    4/ The sensors on the side of the table would not work properly and stop a job half way through regularly
    5/ Constant errors on the LCD ( that didn't apply to the above problems)
    6/ At the moment the machine has broken down again and they don't know what it is ! ( more money to spend)
    7/ I had asked for the machine to be replaced (In writing) after the first 2 months( Plus in the interim there is about 200 emails) and they agreed , but then just sent a tech guy
    I used to ring japan every couple of days as I believe it is the maufacturers problem not the distributor( as I wasn't getting anywhere with them anyway)
    The furtherest up the ladder I got by phone was Mr Fujita , I explained my problem , but here we are, nothing happened, so after now into my sixth year with this machine
    I originally paid $150,000.00 plus $7,000.00 for airconditioning that they said was the problem (within the first couple of months), About $40,000.00 in heads plus
    I've nearly died of stress and heartache over this machine, the machine has worked for about 18 months intermittintly over the period of ownership , and how about this the distributor won't take it as a trade-in, so it will make a good ships anchor
  3. staticerror3017

    staticerror3017 New Member

    Mar 7, 2011
    UJF-605c problems X 2...

    need to start email dialogue with you, surfite and tco99. please view my profile and email or call me. thank you.
  4. digitalwoodshop

    digitalwoodshop Member

    Apr 9, 2008
    That Squashes my Dream of a UJF-3042.... Small 1 man Shop... No AC... well a window AC...

    I think I will stick to Sublimation for now.....