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VersaCamm SP-300V, New Head Not Working

Discussion in 'Roland' started by JeffInPcola, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. JeffInPcola

    JeffInPcola New Member

    Jun 12, 2012
    Hello folks,
    I have a VersaCamm SP300V that has had some main board problems (that started because of spilling ink on the CK head). The CK head would print nothing. I had a friend put in a new f3 fuse (because it would blow when sub power was turned on). Now I just had him install a c4131 transistor that had a dead short, so now the fuse isn't blowing.

    Today I installed a new CK head, but it still won't say boo. Admittedly, I got it and just stuck it in. Can anybody tell me if a new head literally won't start working at all unless all of the service menu procedures are done like in the manual? Or should I still be thinking the problem is on the main board?

    By the way, I switched head cables and the new head prints beautifully. It just won't print anything through the proper CK head connection. (Cables look good, too)

    One other piece of weird info (this was also the case before I even replaced the transistor): When I do a print of all four colors, the MY head prints prominently in ALL 4 spots (C = very light pink, M=M, Y=Y, K = light pink), rather than just leaving the CK spots empty. Please tell me my machine is just in some funky fault mode that a few button pushes will fix! (Okay, I'm not really expecting anything that easy..)

    Thanks for any help you can give!
    Pensacola FL

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