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Vp-300, stopping clean too often

Discussion in 'Roland' started by bayviewsignworks, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. All of a sudden, least on this job, it gets about half way through each print (doing 4-up 24"w x 18"h) and stops to clean. ??
  2. Called Roland, they suggested since I had just changed the (OEM) cartiridge the micro chip may have been faulty. I replaced the chip from the empty one and now it seems to be fine.
  3. Still stopping too much. Updated firmware, I think it's worse now. HELP?
  4. Still not fixed. Replaced dampers and capping stations. Tech ordered ink holder assembly and a new chip reader board. Stay tuned...
  5. CS-SignSupply

    CS-SignSupply Very Active Member

    How old is the unit?
  6. It's VP so about 5 yrs old.

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