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Was looking at getting a small setup, but saw this and thought I'd ask your opinion.

Discussion in 'Mimaki' started by VinylLabs.com, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. VinylLabs.com

    VinylLabs.com Member

    Mar 2, 2005
    Hi all, I havn't been around here for a while (mostly lurking)

    I have some equipment in my shop but was thinking of moving into solvent-ecosol witha print and cut system. I'd like to do smaller decals to sell online.

    I have someone who can print the decals for me, at a rate of 5$ a square foot cut, laminated. (little higher than i was expecting) but I saw an ad online and I figured I'd ask your opinion.

    This guy is selling the following equipment:

    • JV3-75sp2 With bulk ink system and take up reel
    • JV3-75sp2 with bulk ink system
    • CG-75FX
    • a broken jv3-75 for parts
    • a 54'' solki

    He's made a package deal for $4000. He's willing to sell parts individually.

    I have no experiance with mimaki printers, everything I've done has been on rolands.

    if I decide to go look at the equipment, is there anythign i need to look specifically at for mimaki's? what should I look at other than print head clogs/usage/color? Is this even a good deal?

    Thanks for your input, obviously its cheaper for me to just outsource the prints, but if I go over a certain amount I think it's beneficial to move on to something in house...
  2. particleman

    particleman Member

    Feb 1, 2008
    $5/sqft is high for wholesale printing, really high in my opinion

    The main thing to look for is the test draw, this gives you a good indication of how well it will print. Common things that wear out on the JV3 include the pulley bearings, the Y motor (it will be REALLY loud), the take up motors before the final revision look like a little can style motor, these go bad and are pretty expensive, make sure it works.

    Hard to say on price, may be reasonable if the two JV3s are in good shape with no head issues. Keep in mind the 8 used print heads alone without nozzle issues could be worth $400-$500+ each. That isn't counting the 4 on the "parts" machine.

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