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Need Help What Low Odour or No Odour Eco solvent ink?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Plotters' started by Boyanski, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Boyanski

    Boyanski Member

    Sep 16, 2019
    this week i will be getting used Soljet XC 540 Roland and it will go in my very small shop/office. I mean really small, but point is it has to be visible so to attract clients as i am a new business in a small town.

    It has some compatible inks called Premium Ink NR4.2 Roland SOLMAX, which i can find no info for, except a shady website with no documents, info or whatsoever. Its priced 65 eur per liter which basically combined with the lack of info makes me doubt if this is a chinese ink that sells for 10$ per liter.

    For the sae price i thought of changing to INKTEC inks which i am very happy with on all my other printers/ sublimation and pigment/.

    So for now printer will have to stay there and i will evacuate air on top of it. But still that ink smelled bad.

    I have a couple of questions i need some help with , as i don't have any experience with solvent printers:

    1. Eco Sol Max 3 is better than Eco Sol Max in any way? Do i have to flush everything, or just add?

    2. Any ink that particularly has a very low odour? And is ok for Dx4 heads. I assume all new inks should be OK with the DX4 heads.

    It has to be available in 6 colors and sold by the bottle, as i have installed a bulk system or something. Still dont have the printer in front of me.

    I know , latex but latex also smelled and was super hot in the room, there is a guy in town i know has altex printer.

  2. greysquirrel

    greysquirrel Active Member

    Aug 13, 2015
    West Berlin, NJ
    Hope you got a deal on the printer...I would not buy one knowing they were running third party inks. There will be a hundred people chiming in with their success stories of using third party ink...and an equal amount against...its a risk in my opinion with a set of $2400 printheads that I would never take.
  3. Gino

    Gino Premium Subscriber

    Jun 7, 2006
    Regardless of whose brand or what manufacturer of ink, true solvent or mild solvent are not to be used in close quarters. You need ample ventilation in a large space and should not consider it in tight places. Some people are more sensitive to odors than others, but again, there are toxis being released into the air no matter how much you smell them or not.
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  4. Boyanski

    Boyanski Member

    Sep 16, 2019
    Unfortunately none of the second hand printers i looked here In Spain uses original inks. Understandable. Roland ink is 240 per liter vs 60 per liter compatible and i have seen even for 10-20EU per liter. 6x240=1440 vs 6x60=360. Given that a printhead is 500euro, thats 2 pritheads price in every 1 liter spent per color.

    Online competition is really tough here in Spain. i have seen 6-8euro per m2 , laminated and 4 euro not laminated. The cheapest material i see is 3 euro per meter +3 per laminate+2 per ink and printer and i am already there....
    Of course i buy it for another reason so i can do faster jobs for my clients and don't lose them to competition. Anyway, here everyone cares only for the money, not the quality.
    Fortunately i am starting to get known around for quality jobs so starting to make selected customers,so i will always print on highest quality, which probably will use more ink.

    The deal is 3k, mounted in my shop by a technician, as they bought a new and a bigger Mimaki. And by the way here the MImakis are more expensive than the Roland's, new and second hand. Next thing is to buy VS for 5-6k, then we go for used Epson or newer Roland for 8-10k. or buy SP or VP for the same money-3k.
    There are used HP260 for 3k but need a separate cutter. Anyway, my idea at first was to buy Roland BN but was put of by 2k to change head and by a tecnitian only. Then thought about the Mutoh 628, but no way i am giving so much money for a toy. And here i am. Buying a monster printer.
  5. V. V.

    V. V. Inkjet printing nerd

    Oct 31, 2018
    Considering totally odorless - Fuji Sericol WU is only the option. But anyway, you should be careful with vapors and buy some recirculating ventilation system like BOFA (https://bofainternational.com/). Roland supplies them with all the UV series printers.

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